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Kuura Beat Bluetooth Speaker


Kuura Beat- Bluetooth Speaker
The new Kuura Beat- Bluetooth speaker has arrived! The speaker offers a great music experience and is really easy to take with you anywhere. The speaker is water resistant, so you can take the speaker with you even in humid places. The speaker also acts as a charger to charge the phone. The device is wireless and weighs about 650 grams. Kuura Beat Speaker also has an AUX connection, a memory card slot and a USB connection. Good battery life.

  • - Lightweight and compact

    - Good sound reproduction

    - Power: 20W

    - IPX6 water resistance

    - Bluetooth, AUX, memory card and USB connection

    - Battery life 12h

    - Dimensions: 210 x 90 x 90 mm

    - Color: Black


    - Bluetooth range: 10m

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