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Kuura Smart Watch Sport S5 GPS V3, Black

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Kuura Smart Watch Sport S5 GPS V3, Black

The Kuura Sport S5 GPS v3 smartwatch is the perfect choice for an active exerciser. It offers a wide range of health monitoring features, including heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, as well as a wide range of sport modes. This stylish and sporty smartwatch also has a built-in GPS, allowing you to track your sporting activity and altitude changes as you move around the landscape.

The watch's 1.3" IPS Multi Touch touchscreen offers an excellent user experience and the screen resolution of 240x240 px ensures a clear and sharp image. The smartwatch can be paired with a phone running Android 5.0 (or newer) or iOS 10.0 or newer operating system.

In addition, the Kuura Smartwatch Sport S5 GPS v3 offers many other useful features such as Bluetooth calls, it displays notifications from your phone (calls, messages, etc.), barometric pressure and altitude measurements, compass, music control, camera control and "do not disturb" mode. The watch's 250 mAh battery provides about two days of use in normal use and up to four days in standby mode.

To manage the Kuura Smartwatch Sport S5 GPS v3, all you need is the SMART-TIME app, which is easy to use and provides everything you need to manage and track your watch.

Product information:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Alloy metal, silicone
  • Device requirements: Android 5.0 or later, iOS 10.0 or later
  • Battery: 250 mAh
  • Screen: 1.3" IPS Multi Touch touch screen
  • Screen resolution: 240x240px
  • Features: Built-in GPS, Bluetooth calls, GPS sports tracking, health monitoring (heart rate, blood pressure. Attention: The results are only reference values and cannot be used for medical purposes), many different sports modes, notifications from your phone (calls, messages, etc.), barometric pressure measurement, height measurement, compass, clock, music control, camera control, do not disturb mode.
  • Bluetooth: 3.0 & 4.0
  • Battery life: 2 days in normal use, 4 days in standby mode
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Charging time: approx. 2.5h
  • Application: SMART-TIME

The dimensions of the package:

  • Weight: 0.17 kg
  • Length: 15 cm
  • Height: 3 cm
  • Width: 11 cm

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